At One Off we collaborate with designers and artisans to design and fabricate custom furniture and architectural elements:  a stair to accend, chandeliers to illuminate,  a table to serve, or a handrail to protect.  Our goal is to create functional, beautiful objects.  Each project combines traditional design sensibilities and methods with modern techniques and aesthectics.  Each piece is individual while at the same time completly in harmony with its environment.


Mary Revelli, the principle  and founder of One Off, started welding  in 1991 in her parents garage while attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  Even before she received her degree in Interior Architecture, she started receiving commisions for custom fabricated metal furniture and interior design projects.  Realizing steel work was her passion, she dedicted her full attention to metal work.  

The One Off team is as varied as its portofolio.  Past and present employees and contractors add a variety of knowledge and talent to make the end product greater than the sum of the parts. 


Collaboration is our keystone, whether it is with another artisan or a client we truly believe that team work makes for the best possible end product.